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Book your planetarium

Our new portable digital planetarium can now be transferred to your accommodation, hotel or villa providing a high quality, professional, exciting and entertaining service for every age. It is being transported and set up very quickly (indoors and the minimum space required for the planetarium is 4.5m x 4m and 2.8m height for the 4m diameter dome).

The full dome films are projected on a 360 degree hemispherical dome where viewers feel like they are inside the movie!

These films show the fascinating discoveries in space exploration, help to understand the world around us, open the viewers’ horizons, inspire and train for what surrounds the Earth itself and our place in the universe.


Location: Comes to your accommodation (hotel, villa etc)

Minimum space required: Indoors, 4.5m x 4m x 2.8m height

Capacity: 12 persons

Duration: About 30-40 minutes for each movie

Cost: 420€ for watching 2 full dome movies of your choice

(+120€ for every extra movie)