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Captain Snoopy and the Space journey

Full dome movie

(Duration: 34 minutes – For adults and children 5+)

“Close seat belts, start explanation module, ignite engines – no one is as fast as us!” It’s about a fast space journey! The good-natured dog-like Captain Schnuppe visits the planets of our solar system with his syper intelligent spaceship Argo. He is accompanied by Sergeant Tuk, who brings the two, through his clumsy nature, always in trouble.

The program is a production of the public observatory Laupheim e.V. For the development of the story, we succeeded in winning the children’s book author Martin Klein, the well-known illustrator Jochen Stuhrmann drew the figures.

Suitable for adults, too.

Production: Planetarium Laupheim

Available in 3 languages: Greek, German, English