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Starry nights

Welcome to our Starry Nights. Starry nights is a breakthrough new activity in Crete, offered to some chosen villas in Crete. Here in Planetarium of Crete, we have developed a complete presentation that can travel your mind and your senses to a whole new level of clarity and uniqueness.

You don’t need to know anything about Astronomy. Anyone can have the opportunity to join this new activity in Crete. Either you are a completely beginner, or you are an expert in Astrophysics, every time you can learn something new about the vastness of the universe and the uniqueness of our small planet.

The staff of Planetarium of Crete has many years of experience of deep sky observing and with the best available astronomy equipment like 16-inch dobsonian telescopes, we can bring the universe in your plate.

3000 stars are visible under dark skies with our naked eyes, which form 88 constellations that ancient Greeks were using to make stories in order to explain the mysteries they didn’t understand, so the Greek mythology was born.

Depending also on the season, different planets are visible, Jupiter with its color belts and the biggest moons, Saturn with its rings, red Mars and the bright Venus. You can have the best views and explore all these exotic worlds!

The star watching doesn’t end there of course, we can find many other worlds outside our solar system, star clusters, nebulae, even other very distant galaxies!

Have you ever tried to read star maps? We give to every participant a star map of the current month and a small red flashlight so with the help of our staff, he/she can identify the constellations using Uranography. This is an incredible process that will free your mind and relax your body. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn how to find your way home at night with the north star!

So now after years of planning and designing, Planetarium of Crete has the honor to invite you personally to live this incredible experience under Crete’s dark skies. We can promise you will spend a great night that you will never forget.


Cost: 380€ for up to 4 participants (+30€ for every extra participant)
Location: At your accommodation (hotel, villa etc) or at specific dark sky sites of our choice

Duration: About 2-2.5 hours, we start after dusk

Consists of:
1) Uranography relating to the Greek mythology

2) constellation and north star identification using star maps

3) understanding cosmic sizes

4) stargazing through a 16″ dobsonian telescope